Saturday, 16 April 2011

Your place in the sun - April Lesson - local amenities

This month on scrapbeginnings the lesson is to scrap something to do with your local amenities.

Well, I think food is very important!! The restaurant Dee Thai is very important to me - cheap and very tasty food, somewhere quiet to eat.

The food is so beautifully presented and the staff so extremely polite :) The journalling is under the round thingy at the bottom right of the photo. It says about the beautiful garnishes - my daughter is holding a carrot butterfly, they also make roses and leaves out of carrots and swede.

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Jolanda x


  1. Hi Jolanda,
    I love this page. My kids thought I was nuts the other day when I took a picture of the food at the resturant we were at! LOL I have given you an award. Please go to my blog to pick it up. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Jolanda,
    Very pretty page. I love all those flowers and the paper just makes them pop off the page. Have a great day!

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