Saturday, 5 February 2011

Altered Jar - a bit over the top???

Scrappassion International are having an alter a jar challenge this month! I had absolutely no idea of what I might do, so I started looking for a jar to give me an idea. I found a peach jam jar that I normally keep sesame seeds in; as soon as I saw the flat sides, I knew what to do!! My favourite stamps fit perfectly so this has become a Dutch Liquorice (drop in Dutch) Jar!!

I stamped the houses on card and attached them to some ribbon and wrapped this around the jar. An old gift bag made the cover for the lid and then I stuck some clogs to the top. Then I had the terrible ordeal of having to buy some salty herring liquorice to go inside. I had to do this very quickly because as soon as you eat one you can't stop!!! I am ashamed to say that even when I still have one in my mouth I am shoving another in!! (I think this is an acquired taste, my children and husband hate them - all the more for me then :) lol)
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Jolanda x


  1. Terrific Jar Jolanda, great alteration. Never heard of this sort of liquorice, but I will take your word that they are
    Annette x

  2. fab and so different, love this one Jolanda
    hugs June x

  3. How fab it is to see a "really Dutch" jar! I'm very fond of drop myself, how about you? Love the blue/white and it's definitely not over the top! Great jar!!